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Welcome to ZE Real Estate

ZE Immobilier has two agencies, one in the heart of the village of Saint Cézaire sur Siagne, established for more than 50 years. The second, new in Le Cannet, is located in the middle of the shopping street, 6 boulevard Sadi Carnot. ZE IMMOBILIER REAL ESTATE listens to its customers. We ensure a quality and personalized follow-up throughout your project of sale, purchase, investment, estimate with a certain professionalism Let yourself be guided and discover a wide selection of real estate for sale at the win win price for a good investment.
Our expertise and our knowledge of the field allows you to trust us for all your projects from Cannes to the back country of Caille via our magnificent Grasse hinterland.


  • Alain BERGERON

    Alain BERGERON Company manager

  • Céline RENALDI

    Céline RENALDI Agency manager

  • Hayley RHIANNON

    Hayley RHIANNON Agent

  • Cyril FOURNIER

    Cyril FOURNIER Agent

  • Alex RACHEL

    Alex RACHEL Agent

  • Charlie BERGERON

    Charlie BERGERON Agent

  • Olivia STELLATO

    Olivia STELLATO Agent

  • Céline INAUDI

    Céline INAUDI Agent

  • Chiraz KARAJA Agent

  • Eleonore GOARIN

    Eleonore GOARIN Agent

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